Zener Diodes DIODE ZENER 5.1V 500mW +/-5% SOD-123

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Description of product

BZT52Cx Zener Diodes

Comchip Technology BZT52Cx Zener Diodes feature a Zener breakdown voltage range from 2V to 75V, a Zener current range from 0.045µA to 150.0µA, and a Zener dynamic impedance range from 10Ω to 255Ω. These devices offer high stability and high reliability, with a 250°C/W junction to ambient thermal resistance rating and a wide -65°C to +150°C operating temperature range. The Comchip BZT52Cx Zener Diodes are provided in an industry-standard, low-profile SOD-123 package, well suited for pick-and-place assembly.